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Getting Started

What do you need to Hama Happily?

Hama Beads are a cheap and easy craft that can produce an exciting result very quickly. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Decide on the size of bead you want. For most, the Midi size is ideal, under 5’s will find many uses for the chunky Maxi size, while over 10’s and adults may enjoy the delicacy and flexibility of the Mini size. Ideally, start with Midi – it has the widest range and many opportunities for play and craft.

2. You will need some beads in several colours, some boards, some ironing paper and an iron if you want to fix your designs.

As a starter kit i recommend

1 pack 1000 normal mix

1 pack 1000 pastel mix

1 pack ironing paper

1 pack of 5 small boards

1 large square board

1 design book for ideas.

This can be posted to you from CraftMerrily for as little as £10

Go to the Ironing Tutorial for instructions on fixing your designs.

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