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Free Designs for Maxi Hama Beads

August 19, 2014

Maxi Hama beads, also known as My First Hama are a fabulous resource for teaching young children how to use these wonderful craft materials. Chunky to make it easy for little fingers to hold (and so you can pick them up more easily afterwards!), they can be used in all sorts of ways. Our own children got to grips with them under close supervision (care is required as they are aimed at 3+ due to potential choking hazards) from around age 2 as Josie demonstrates in this post.

Maxi Beads come in all sorts of colours and there is a wide range of pegboard shapes, made with specially rounded pegs on clear plastic so they can be placed directly over the designs that come in packs or in the Inspiration Books.

Maxi Hama Fish

A Fish Using the Circle Board

We currently have 10% off the entire Maxi Hama Bead range, so now is the perfect time to try them out.

Here are some design ideas for trying out with your little ones. (Note: clicking on these pictures will take you to the item in our shop, but you can right click and download the image to print).

Maxi Hama Clown

My First Hama Clown

Maxi Hama Butterfly

My First Hama Butterfly

Maxi Rocking Horse

My First Hama Rocking Horse

Maxi Hama Truck

My First Hama Lorry

Maxi Hama Girl

My First Hama Girl

Maxi Hama Boy

My First Hama Boy

Maxi Hama Bead Car

My First Hama Car

Maxi Hama Bead Heart

My First Hama Heart

Maxi Hama Bead Dinosaur

My First Hama Dino

Maxi Hama Aeroplane

My First Hama Plane

Maxi Hama Dog

My First Hama Dog

Maxi Hama Duck

My First Hama Duck

Maxi Bead Elephant

My First Hama Elephant

Maxi Bead Teddy

My First Hama Teddy

Maxi Hama Turtle

My First Hama Turtle

Maxi Hama Whale

My First Hama Whale

Maxi Hama Ship

My First Hama Boat

Maxi Hama Monkey

My First Hama Monkey

My First Hama Girl

My First Hama Beads


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