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About BeadMerrily

In March 2010 we closed our oldest website, BeadMerrily and relaunched it as the all new CraftMerrily. Our intention was to quickly repopulate this site with lots of resources and ideas for Hama Bead usage, which I anticipated having large amounts of time for over the summer, as we were expecting a new baby who would have pinned me to the sofa for the summer.

Sadly, the arrival of our baby boy, Freddie, in April, ended in tragedy when he died at just 11 days old, following compliations which began at his birth.

As you can imagine, this has set us back a little and now that we are back at work, we’ve been busy catching up with everything we normally do every day. We’re getting this new site up and running as quickly as possible and altering all the old picture and website links to new ones, but it is taking some time, so please bear with us while we make the changes.

We’ve been raising money for the Special Care Baby Unit which cared for Freddie at JustGiving. We’re very grateful for every pound that people donate to this appeal and we are also running a donation scheme on all of our websites. You can choose a SCBU donation instead of a free gift and we will send £1 to them every time you do. So far (August 2010) we’ve raised nearly £100 this way.

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